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Charla Teeters, Executive Director

Imperial County Film Commission
1095 S. 4th Street
El Centro CA 92244
Phone (760) 337-4155
Fax (760) 337-4144




• Agricultural Fields
• Asphalt/Dirt Roads
• Canals
• Desert Areas
• Dry Lake Beds
• Mountain Areas
• Mexican Border
• OHV Desert
• Salton Sea
• Sand Dunes
• Small Airports
• Small Town Look


• Low Permit Fees
• Scouting Assistance
• Location Photos
• Casting Call Assistance
• One-Stop Permitting Assistance
• 24/7 Response


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Quick Facts

• Imperial County is located 3½ hrs from Hollywood
• Imperial County covers 4,597 square miles from the Mexico border to the
  Arizona, Riverside and San Diego County borders
• Imperial County is home to where the Sun Spends the Winter


Film: Sahara, Return of the Jedi, Flight of the Phoenix, Joyride, Losin’ It,
  Patriot Games, La Bamba, Three Kings, Scorpion King; Salton Sea; JarHead;
  Border Lost; Into The Wild
TV: The West Wing, Cane
• Commercials: Over 1,000, including car/truck/19 magazine/photo shoots