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Cassandra Hesseltine, Film Commissioner

Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission
520 E Street
Eureka, California 95501
Phone (707) 443-4488
Cell (707) 502-0018




• Old Growth
• Redwoods
• Long Stretches of Rural,
  Redwood, and Coastal
  Roads & Highways
• Victorian Architecture
• Ocean, Rivers, Lakes,
  and Lagoons
• Cliffs and Vistas
• Fairgrounds, Race Track
• Working Ranches
  and Farms
• Wineries and Vineyards
• Lighthouses
• University and Junior College
• Tree Houses and
  Drive-Thru Trees
• Town Squares
• Zoo
• Ocean World



• Digital Location Database and
• Production Guide @ www.filmhumboldt.org
• Scouting Assistance
• Permit Assistance
• Production Support on call 24/7

Download the Humboldt/Del Norte One-Sheet

Quick Facts

• Doubles as Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Texas,
  the Carolinas, New England, western towns and
  ranchlands, Victorian Villages, and Any Town USA
• Region is made up of forestlands, protected red
  woods, rivers, cliffs and dunes of the Pacific Ocean.
• While Del Norte County made it on Forbes
  Travelers List of Prettiest Towns in the U.S.,
  Humboldt County was declared by the USDA to be
  “Americas Most Scenic Rural County”
• Non-stop air service from most large airports
  Film friendly hotel accommodations, caterers,
  crew, and actors


Film: The Majestic, Outbreak, Jurassic Park-Lost
World, Star Wars-Return of the Jedi, Humboldt
County, Jennifer Eight, Halloween III, E.T.
TV: Carson Nation (Oprah Network), Good
Morning America, The Daily Show, Salem’s Lot,
Moonlighting, California Gold
Commercials: Bass Pro Shop, Good Year Tire, Jeep,
Northrup Grumman, Lexus, Gucci, Honda, Kmart,
Toyota Prius, Chevy, Cadillac Superbowl