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Gigi Gibbs, Commissioner

Fresno County Film Commission
2220 Tulare Street, Suite 800
Fresno, CA 93721
Phone (559) 600-4271
Fax (559) 600-4573




• Agriculture, Farms and Ranches
• Unique Granite Rock
• 1900s Small Downtowns
• Rural Airports
• WWII-era Air Base and Hangar
• Private Mountain & Logging Roads
• Underground Tunnel
• Wilderness Areas
• Small Towns/Ag Towns

• Blossom, Fall Foliage
  and Fruit/Citrus Trails
• Old West Downtown
• Mountains and Forests
• Secluded Lakes (10+)
• Vacant CorrectionalFacility
• Rollling Hills
• Country Roads
• Rivers
• Oil Fields


• Digital Location Library Online
• Knowledgeable Staff
• Scouting Assistance
• Online Crew Directory
• Prompt Response to Film Inquiries
• Lodging Information (9,000 rooms)
• Local Production Resource Assistance
• Film Friendly Locations
• Network of Government and Safety Contacts

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Quick Facts

• Only 3 hours from the Zone
• Fresno Yosemite International Airport has 10
  direct flights daily from LAX
• Helipad available near Shaver Lake / Sierra National Forest
• #1 Agricultural County in the world (over 360 different crops)
• Diverse topography from rich agricultural valley
  to pristine alpine mountains


Film: Parental Guidance, Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Disney Nature’s Hidden Beauty; Click; Mousehunt; Addams Family Values
TV: Oprah; CBS; ABC; Animal Planet; BBC; TLC;
Discovery Channel; SyFy; History Channel;
National Geographic; PBS; BET
Commercials: Frito Lay; BMW; Toyota; Honda;
Edward Jones Investments; On Star; Dickies; Yamaha